Quick Ways to Make Money – (Youtube No Videos Needed!!)

$1,000+ A Month for 20 Minutes A Day

Quick Ways to Make Money Proven!!

Quick Ways to Make Money!!

We’re going to show you one of the quick ways to make money on Youtube without making any videos! You can start today, get hits and monetize videos!!

Want to make a grand a month for 20 minutes of work a day? Even take time off and still earn ever day? We did a little test some time ago and did just that. Check out the following screen shot of our Adsense dashboard from this test. It works fast. Even garnering hits the first day sometimes and you only spend about 20 minutes a day if you want too. More time can be spent if you want. Now that’s one of the quick ways to make money!! You can scale this method up too. How about 40 minutes a day for $2K a month? Why are we giving away such valuable information? We’re cool like that. Seriously, here’s what you need to do:

YouTube Creative Commons Method

This is one of the best quick ways to make money. Here’s all you need to do: Open a YouTube account. Do all the setups, hen do a search for any keyword. Click the filters and select Creative Commons. This will pull up all of the creative commons content on YouTube that has your keyword featured in it. Next go to the YouTube editor. You can do this by typing in youtube.com/editor (please note; Youtube is discontinuing this feature very shortly. But you can simply download the videos using tools like Youtube video downloader HD) after that time.

Copy the desired Creative Commons video URL into the editor. Drag the video down into the editing section. Edit the video if you like, title it and save it! It will say it’s working on it. That’s it. Legally you can use these videos and monetize it them! The rules state by Youtube that you can edit and monetize any video uploaded with the license of Creative Commons. How’s that for quick ways to make money? Not bad huh? You didn’t even have to make a video yourself to make money at home!

Make money on youtube today!!

Next you need to add a title and description with the main target keyword you’re trying to rank for and some additional relevant keywords put in there as well. Use LSI Graph to find relevant keywords. You can also add a note in the description box that states you used this video with permission via a posted creative commons license but it’s not really necessary when using the Youtube Editor. YouTube places the video in the “attributions” section which gives credit so you’re covered but some like to add used with permission via creative commons license and show the original URL link. Make sure to add some good tags with your relevant keywords.

Take a screenshot

Make sure to take a screenshot of the original Youtube page with the video that is licensed as creative commons. You might have to expand the full description to see the license. Better safe than sorry with any dispute. We only received one dispute and showed the screenshot to Youtube and the party never replied after that. This was dropped in our favor.

What to do daily

For quick ways to make money, make sure to do this a few times a day at first and after about 20 or 30 videos, apply for your Adsense to be connected to your YouTube account if you haven’t done so already. There are also alternatives to Adsense like a YouTube Network. Fullscreen.net and RPM Network are some of the most well-known. Let’s continue with Adsense. Once Adsense has been connected to your channel, you’ll be able to monetize your videos and monetize the previous videos that you’ve already posted. If you don’t have an Adsense account you can apply for one right from your YouTube account. To do this just go to your video manager and on the sidebar to the left select Channel Settings > Monetization. There will be instruction there on what to do or Google it.

Once your Adsense is running, post about 2-3 videos a day, every day. Consistency is the key here. After a while, you’ll see your channel and videos growing with traffic, comments, likes and shares. Your rank will go up accordingly. You should get good at posting videos with experience and soon you’ll be down to about 5-10 minutes per video post or faster depending on the thumbnail work you do. Scale this process and the sky’s the limit. This is one of the best ways to make money from home.


Be careful not to post something that has been reposted from another site, then just listed as Creative Commons. Maybe the channel that you found it on had no idea what they’re doing and selected a Creative Commons license even though it was taken from copyrighted material. You could still get a copyright strike from this yourself form the original source, not the reposter’s Youtube page you found it on. Three strikes and you’re out with YouTube.

An example of this: Let’s say you find a creative commons video that you want to re-post and it’s been posted from someone who set it with a creative commons license. It’s a TV news segment video. Well you can bet they don’t own the rights to it! They probably just grabbed it and posted it on their own channel with a CC license attached.

This will not work. The TV channel or network could find your video and then file a copyright claim against you. These strikes can get your channel closed. This could hurt your Adsense account too. Just make sure the video is actually from the poster. Go to their channel and take a look around. You can usually tell if it’s theirs by looking at more videos from them. See if they’re similar. If unsure, skip it!

Another source

For more quick ways to make money don’t forget Flickr. They also have creative commons videos. It’s another great source for creative commons videos that you can legally post on your channel. Just read each video license carefully to see what kind of creative commons license it is. Some may not let you edit or post commercially. You can give a link back if you want for attribution to them but it’s not necessary. Giving the author’s information like name is usually enough in most cases.

YouTube does NOT automatically add an attribution link if you don’t use their video editor. You’ll have to do it on your own (just place the attribution in the video description near the bottom). To find the videos in Flickr, search in advanced search and select video and creative commons for commercial use. You’ll see tons of videos in the list that you can use. Here’s a tip: take a screenshot of the Flickr video page so you can prove it at a later date if necessary. This is valid even if they change the license at a later date.

Earning & quick ways to make money!!

Here are 3 additional month’s proof.

Quick Ways to Make Money!!


This method of earning money on Youtube at home is absolutely a sweet deal. It’s auto-pilot at it’s finest and is a passive income once it gets going. Give this a try!

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